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At H & H Lawn & Landscape, we are committed to providing each and every piece of a beautiful landscape for your Omaha area home. One  often-overlooked part of that landscape is mulch, which can be a great addition to any property. Add mulch to your Omaha home’s flowerbeds to help make your property look even better than before. Mulch will help ensure your flowers and plants are able to retain moisture and heat in their roots throughout the year, ensuring healthy green plants. We can also bring in dyed mulch to match your home’s paint or siding color, accentuating your home’s color scheme and helping your Omaha home and landscape reach its own unique potential.


About Mulch:

Mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy landscape plants. A mulch is any material applied to the soil surface for protection or improvement of the area covered. Mulching is really nature’s idea. Nature produces large quantities of mulch all the time with fallen leaves, needles, twigs, pieces of bark, spent flower blossoms, fallen fruit and other organic material.

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Call our team of Omaha landscaping experts at (402) 916-9500 to schedule an appointment for a free landscape consultation. We will listen to your ideas, wants and desires incorporating them into your Omaha landscape design.

Call us at (402) 916-9500 to schedule an appointment for a free landscaping consultation.

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